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Outdoor Air Pollution

Sources of Outdoor Air Pollution

There are various sources of Air Pollution:

Stationary Sources

  • Public Power Production
  • Industrial Combustion
  • Production Processes
  • Biomass Combustion
  • Fossil Fuel Combustion
  • Solvent Production / Use
  • Waste Management / Disposal
  • Agriculture

Mobile Sources

Road Transport (Automobile, Vehicles)

  • 57% Transportation
  • 21% Fuel Combustion
          (except in vehicles)
  • 12% Industrial Processes
  • 10% Miscelleneous

Sources of air pollution

Outdoor Air Pollution is India's Fifth Largest Killer

According to a Global Burden of Disease (GBD) report, Outdoor air pollution has became the fifth largest killer in India after high blood pressure, indoor air-pollution, tobacco-smoking and poor nutrition.


Outdoor air pollution has been recognized as a source of discomfort for centuries as smoke, dust and obnoxious odors.


Indoor Air Pollution is 5 – 100 times more than the outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution is a concern in the developing countries

what is air pollution

Contamination of the air by noxious gases and minute particles of solid and liquid matter in concentrations that endanger

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