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Chest X-Ray

Chest X-Ray is an X-ray image of the Chest which reveals vital information about diseases affecting the bones as well as organs in the chest. It is performed by the radiologist in a specialised X-Ray suite.

How is Chest X-Ray performed ?

For Chest X-Ray, you stand close to an X-Ray plate and the X-Ray are focused on the chest from back side. On exposure, the rays pass from your back to the front (through various organs) and then fall on the X-Ray plate giving an imprint on the X-Ray Plate. The bones absorb the X-Rays and are seen as white whereas let the X-Ray pass and is seen as Black. Remaining tissues are presented in various shades of grey between the black and the white.

Pregnant women should not undergo Chest X-Ray

The X-Rays can cause damage to the developing child in the mother’s womb, Hence if there is any doubt about possible pregnancy you must not undergo a Chest X-Ray.

What can be detected by a Chest X-Ray ?

  • Pneumonia: can usually be detected on Chest X-Ray. However, a Normal Chest X-Ray does not always rule out pneumonia.
  • Tuberculosis: After sputum examination, Chest X-Ray is the method to detect TB of the lungs, TB glands in the chest or water around the lungs due to TB.
  • Cancer: A Chest-X Ray of someone with lung cancer may show a visible mass or nodule which will appear as a white spot on the X-Ray. However, normal Chest X-ray doesn’t rule out Lung Cancer
  • Water around the lungs: water can accumulate around the lungs due to TB, Cancer as well as many other diseases. It can very well be detected by X-Ray of the Chest.
  • Air around the lungs: Air can develop around the lungs spontaneously due to rupture of the lungs due to some disease or it can accumulate due to injury due to accidents, stab or gun-shots. Chest X-Ray can always detect even the smallest amount of air around the lungs.
  • Various lung diseases: Chest X-Ray is always the first investigation performed in any patient with suspected lung disease and is helpful in a large number of cases.