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Key Initiatives

Collectivise For Impacts Planery

Mr. Rajiv Khurana attended the Collectivise for Impact Plenary at the Clean Air Collective National Annual Convening Event in Bangalore.

Innovation in Education Through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Model in Higher Education

Rajiv Khurana took part in a Higher Education event focused on innovation through Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Model.

Community Visit-Rangpuri Pahari

A Japanese Delegation visited LCF office to attend a virtual session with Dr. Arvind Kumar. The delegation comprised media professionals and youth activists from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Doctors For Clean Air And Climate Action

A nationwide network of passionate dotors leading the fight for clean air and climate action.

Asthma Response Training

Comprehensive manual and training programs to understand asthma and be prepared for emergencies.

Saaf Hawa Aur Naagrik

A multi-year program to educate and engage citizens on clean air for better health

Youth Initiatives

We educate, engage and support college and school students across India for actions towards better lung health

Research - Lung Care Foundation

Read about our research on how air pollution is impacting your health

Healthcare Expenses for Lung Patients

We support patients with medicines and funds. During COVID-19, provided medicine kits across 40 villages.  and our COVID relief work.