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Our Inception

The foundation was the brainchild of Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Kumar who is a leading Thoracic Surgeon who has been practicing Chest Surgery for the last 35 years. He has been a witness to changing the colour of the lungs of people over the years. When he operated patients with lung diseases in the 1980s, colour of the lungs of a non-smoker in urban India was found to be pink whereas black spotted lungs were typically found to be only among the smokers.


The site upset him severely and he kept talking about it to others. Dr. Kumar thought that since he has been a witness to this unfortunate change (that others can’t see), it is his duty to share this information with all the countrymen and work for the ‘Care of 2.5 billion Lungs in India’. He shared this vision with an old-time friend Mr. Rajiv Khurana over a family dinner who moved the idea of doing something to a registered domain and thus Lung Care Foundation took existence. In the next few days, lung care foundation started taking shape with its vision, mission, goals set along with the other founder trustees Dr. Belal Bin Asaf and Mr. Abhishek Kumar and soon it was a registered not for profit organizing.

Since 2015, Lung Care Foundation has touched millions of lives
through its digital and media campaigns
and trained over 15000 lung ambassadors
through awareness camps


On increasing incidence of Lung Health Related Diseases and their right and timely treatment including severe ill-effects of Air Pollution on Lung health. Creating awareness amongst the masses (including students) about Lung Health and the factors which promote/ destroy it. It is achieved by a series of mass contact programmes utilising all available means i.e. Print media, Electronic Media, Social Media as well as direct contact programs.


Through health check-up camps, awareness videos and material on patient health and setting up a nationwide network of trained lung health providers. The foundation plans to fill in the gaps currently in society for delivering state of the Art Lung Health Care, Connecting Patients to care givers and setting up services where needed.


We plan to conduct research in the field of Lung Health specific to the Indian population to help understand trends and empower doctors and people for prevention and cure of Lung Diseases and provide the required data for Policy interventions.

We continue to work on us towards our vision through collaboration with Schools, RWAs, PSUs, Healthcare Providers, Corporate Houses, Start-Ups & Other Healthcare professionals to make maximum impact and work towards the
“Care & Cure of 2.6 Billion Lungs of India”.