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Our Vision

What we hope to Achieve?

The Lung Care Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to saving lives by improving overall lung health. We strive to provide the best quality preventive, rehabilitative and clinical care services while serving as the country’s largest resource on Lung Health.

Care & Cure of
2.6 Billion Lungs of India

  • Massive awareness campaigns to get Lung Health at the forefront
  • Awareness campaigns about ill-effects of Air Pollution
  • Driving activities for better air through advocacy by highlighting ill-effects of Air Pollution
  • Develop information resource for Lung Health, Guidance about Lung Diseases and providing the required information
  • Prevention of Lung Cancer through education and clinical care.
  • Anti-Smoking campaigns to reduce the number of smokers.
  • Build a chain of ‘Lung Ambassadors‘.
  • Seek support for research and awareness.
  • Create ‘Save Lungs – Extend Life‘ movement through ‘Lung Care Champions‘.

What is Lung Care Foundation?

Founded in 2015, Lung Care Foundation is a registered not for profit organization looking after Indian Lungs.

It has endeavoured to raise awareness to on Lung Health & awakens citizens towards actions with its committed campaigns on ‘Care & Cure for 2.6 Billion Lungs’ in India.

It plans to achieve its vision through 3 broad verticals:.


On increasing incidence of Lung Health Related Diseases and their right and timely treatment including severe ill-effects of Air Pollution on Lung health. Creating awareness amongst the masses (including students) about Lung Health and the factors which promote/ destroy it. It is achieved by a series of mass contact programmes utilising all available means i.e. Print media, Electronic Media, Social Media as well as direct contact programs.


Through health check-up camps, awareness videos and material on patient health and setting up a nationwide network of trained lung health providers. The foundation plans to fill in the gaps currently in society for delivering state of the Art Lung Health Care, Connecting Patients to care givers and setting up services where needed.


We plan to conduct research in the field of Lung Health specific to the Indian population to help understand trends and empower doctors and people for prevention and cure of Lung Diseases and provide the required data for Policy interventions.

We continue to work on us towards our vision through collaboration with Schools, RWAs, PSUs, Healthcare Providers, Corporate Houses, Start-Ups & Other Healthcare professionals to make maximum impact and work towards the
“Care & Cure of 2.6 Billion Lungs of India”.