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Lung Cancer: Screening

Lung Cancer Screening and Early Detection Can Increase Curability and Save Lives!

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in both men and women in many countries throughout the world. It is also a major healthcare problem in India. Along with an overall increase in the incidence, we are noticing a rapid increase amongst non-smokers and women. The patients are being seen at younger and younger age group. While smoking continues to be the primary cause, extremely high air pollution levels are a possible contributory factor for exponential rise in the incidence of lung cancer in Non-smoking population.

The majority of cases (~80%) are diagnosed after the disease has spread to distant areas and the 5-year survival rate for those with advanced disease is only around 4%. However, if detected early, when the tumor is still localized, the 5-year survival rate is much higher at 55%-75% with many of them being cured.

Amongst the various methods for early detection, the only one that has proven to reduce the lung cancer mortality is the “Low Dose Computed Tomographic Screening” as demonstrated in the “National Lung Cancer Screening Trial“. The NLST showed that a low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) screen followed by two annual screens, compared to standard lung x-ray screening, reduced the lung cancer mortality by 20% and overall mortality by 7% over a 6 year follow-up period in individuals at high-risk for developing lung cancer. Despite such promising outcomes, the results have to be analysed with care, particularly from the Indian perspective. The NLST demonstrated a reduction in mortality, but with high false positive rates mostly attributed to benign infective lesions. That raises serious concerns regarding its usefulness in countries with tuberculosis as a widely prevalent endemic problem. However, there have been no studies from India which actually evaluate the feasibility of low dose CT in early diagnosis of lung cancer.

  • Lung Care Foundation, a not for profit organisation (NGO) registered with Government of India wide Reg. No. 960/2015-16 wishes to create awareness amongst masses about Lung Cancer, its treatment and role of early detection.
  • We intend to study the result of low dose CT in high risk individuals with the aim to diagnose lung cancer at an early stage and also to describe the spectrum of radiographic abnormality in LDCT screened individuals. No Such study has been done in India so far.
  • Lung Care Foundation proposes to offer Low Dose CT scan as a screening tool for possible early diagnose of lung cancer in high risk individuals in India
  • This will be the first of its kind, systematic large scale application of this proved screening modality in our country.


On increasing incidence of Lung Health Related Diseases and their right and timely treatment including severe ill-effects of Air Pollution on Lung health. Creating awareness amongst the masses (including students) about Lung Health and the factors which promote/ destroy it. It is achieved by a series of mass contact programmes utilising all available means i.e. Print media, Electronic Media, Social Media as well as direct contact programs.


Through health check-up camps, awareness videos and material on patient health and setting up a nationwide network of trained lung health providers. The foundation plans to fill in the gaps currently in society for delivering state of the Art Lung Health Care, Connecting Patients to care givers and setting up services where needed.


We plan to conduct research in the field of Lung Health specific to the Indian population to help understand trends and empower doctors and people for prevention and cure of Lung Diseases and provide the required data for Policy interventions.

We continue to work on us towards our vision through collaboration with Schools, RWAs, PSUs, Healthcare Providers, Corporate Houses, Start-Ups & Other Healthcare professionals to make maximum impact and work towards the
“Care & Cure of 2.6 Billion Lungs of India”.