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Air Pollution and its Impact on Health: An Interactive Session


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Air Pollution and its Impact on Health: An Interactive Session
Date: 6th March 2019 | Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm | Venue: Auditorium, AIMA, New Delhi

Organized by: All India Management Association (AIMA) with support from Mr. Sanjay Grover, Director – LMA Relations & Membership and Young Leaders Council (YLC), AIMA, Mr. Anoobhav Sehgal, Manager LMA Relations & Membership, AIMA.

Team from Lung Care Foundation: Dr. Arvind Kumar, Founder & Managing Trustee; Rajiv Khurana, Founder Trustee; Abhishek Kumar, CEO & Founder Trustee.

Brief Report

AIMA in collaboration with LCF organized a talk on Health Impact of Air Pollution for various associates from AIMA. More than 130 people attended the interactive session. The participants included people from various corporates, students from Business Schools and Enactus, Research Fellows and Staff from AIMA. Mr. Rajiv Khurana chaired the session by first sharing a brief background of Lung Care Foundation and its achievements through the last 3 years.

Dr. Arvind Kumar, Founder & Managing Trustee, was the speaker for the day. He shared his experience as a Doctor who has observed the increasing health impact of pollution on people living in cities like Delhi. He spoke about how pollution is a slow killer and is taking a toll on us even without us realising.

The audience was able to relate as they suffer everyday due to their high levels of exposure to air pollution and were terrified to think about the consequences of not acting upon this menace on the health of present and future generations. Students present at the program were completely charged and showed positive interest to work towards improving the state of air we breathe.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Sanjay Grover and Mr. Anoobhav Sehgal for their interest and effort to tackle this issue of national health concern.