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Air Pollution & Autism

Research Project Outline

Patient Support

Autism spectrum disorder is a serious development disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.

A. Background of the Study

  1. In India, about 1 in every 100 children under the age of 10 suffers from autism and 1 in 8 children has at least one neurodevelopment condition.
  2. In several studies an association between prenatal exposure to air pollution and risk of developing autism has been found.
  3. It is also significant that air pollution along with lungs and heart has an effect on brain and can have serious effects on neural functioning in a human being.

B. Aim

To spread awareness about the effect of air pollution in causing autism in children.

C. Objective

  1. To reach out to special schools and talk to them about the link between air pollution and autism.
  2. To collaborate with those schools and provide group education and support programs to parents of autistics children about the ill effects of air pollution on the neural functioning of the brain.
  3. To collaborate with various schools and NGOs associated with autism and inform them about the effect of air pollution on autism.
  4. To create a parenting group manual which can be utilised by parents especially future parents to make sure they do their best to reduce the chances of giving birth to an autistic child by reducing air pollution.
  5. To further reach out to normal schools and spread awareness amongst them also, so that they also know the extreme ill effects of air pollution and become more alert towards the same.

D. Target Audience

Special schools, schools, parents in Delhi NCR region.

E. Significance of the Project: