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Aao judo shan se..pradooshan ko hataye jee Jaan se....

About Saaf Hawa Aur Naagrik

Project Saaf Hawa Aur Naagrik is an endeavor to sensitise the common man about air pollution and its harmful effects on health and quality of life. By increasing awareness among the citizens, we wish to increase their participation and engagement in government and citizen driven initiatives to clean the air and thus positively impact their health and well-being.

By using a multi-pronged communication strategy, through project SHAN, we aim to reach out to schools, colleges, RWA’s as well as urban slums & villages in the Delhi-NCR area. Our team will be sensitizing the local community through multi-lingual outreach material and in-person workshops.

Project Name

SHAN in Urdu signifies prestige and honour. This name will help add to the responsibility of the target audience to work towards clean air with pride and commitment. While the project attempts to create awareness about the need for clean air (Saaf Hawa), it is important to emphasize the need for active participation and the responsibility and dedication of each citizen (Naagrik) to work towards clean air.

Outreach Channels

School &

Urban Slums &

Associations (RWAs)

Women Organizations
& Parents Groups

Members of
Parliament &

Media Houses
& Social Media

SHAN Updates


Role of Youth Towards Curbing Air Pollution

December 5, 2020

Training for school and college students to make students understand the basics of Air Pollution and its health impacts


Chulha video launch by Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Delhi, Shri. Anil Baijal

November 27, 2020

On the occasion of 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, Lung Care Foundation under project SHAN released a short video on “Chulha” (a small earthen or brick stove) highlighting the ill-effects of the Chulha on the health of women and all other family members.


eGOSTHTi – Clean Air Through Residents’ Efforts (CARE)

November 20, 2020

Virtual roundtable with the RWAs of Delhi/NCR


Training for School and College Children – Faridabad

September 07, 2020

Webinar: – “Becoming “Saaf Hawa Aur Naagrik (SHAN) Warrior”


B.E.S.T. (Breathe Easy Stay Tough) Club Launch and Training Program – Gurugram

August 01, 2020

Skill based learning tips for students to lead a strong change revolution for Clean Air & Healthy Living.