Vision, Mission & Goals

Our Vision

Care of 2.5 billion Human Lungs of India.

Our Mission

The Lung Care Foundation is committed to saving lives by helping people plan ‘Every Breath’.

We aim to improve the overall lung health by preventing lung diseases through Education, Research and state of the art Clinical Care, accessible to all, irrespective of their paying capacity.

Our Goals

  • Prevention of Lung Cancer through education and clinical care.
  • Elimination of oral tobacco use and smoking.
  • Elimination of exposure to second hand smoke.
  • Build a chain of ‘Friends of Lung Care Foundation’.
  • Overall improvement of quality of life for COPD and asthma patients through education and clinical intervention.
  • Develop information resource for Lung Health.
  • Seek support for research and awareness.
  • Create ‘Save Lungs - Extend Life’ movement through ‘Lung Care Champions’.

The Lung Care Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated solely for saving lives by improving overall lung health. We strive to provide the best quality preventive, rehabilitative and clinical care services while serving as the country’s largest resource on Lung Health.

Stand together with us and make a difference

Check how healthy your lungs are by filling lung health checklist.