LCF : A Curtain Raiser

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Lung Care Foundation: A Curtain Raiser

In view of the rapidly deteriorating lung health due to alarming air pollution, Lung Care Foundation was set up as a not-for-profit organisation on 25th May, 2015 at New Delhi. The present levels of pollution are a serious threat to our Lung Health.

In the WHO’s list of 20 top most polluted cities of the world, 17 cities are Indian. The pollution level in our metros is already making the air unfit for human consumption with such serious threat to our Lung Health.

There is a need for an organisation like Lung Care Foundation. The foundation proposes to “touch all” (irrespective of their paying capacity) to ensure ‘Healthy Happy Lungs’

The Foundation is working to achieve its aims by three means namely Education, Research and Clinical Care.


Creating awareness amongst the masses (including students) about Lung Health and the factors which promote/ destroy it. It is achieved by a series of mass contact programmes utilising all available means i.e. Print media, Electronic Media, Social Media as well as direct contact programs.

Lung Care Foundation initiated a campaign ‘Save Lungs - Extend Life’ for school students and teachers to involve them as ‘Lung Care Champions’ and ‘Lung Care Ambassadors’.


Currently there is a dearth of data to significantly correlate air pollution and its impact on health of citizens of the country. (for e.g. increased hospitalization due to air pollution; increased mortality in cities during Air Pollution Crises, specific impact of Air Pollution on school going children and their absenteeism due to lung/ pulmonary issues).

  • We propose to develop a scientific snapshot of current condition of Lung Health in Delhi which can then be compared to similar database in future (post intervention) to prove the health benefits gained by the citizens in a scientific way.
  • Providing access to all data related to Air Pollution being maintained by various environmental monitoring agencies.
  • Work with Delhi Govt. Schools and Colleges for Educational Conditioning of the youth in matters of Air Pollution – Our Ambassadors for ‘Fight Against Air Pollution’.
  • Plan intervention programs based on the findings of the research.
The foundation aims to carry out community as well as laboratory based research to map the various focused interventions undertaken to bring about a change.


The Foundation is working towards setting up of ‘state of the art’ apex centre in or around Delhi which will provide ‘Complete Lung Care to All’ (i.e Medical as well as Surgical Care to all Chest disease patients irrespective of their paying capacity).

This will be followed by setting up of satellite centres in various state capitals and ultimately at all district and Tehsil levels. This will achieve the goal of providing ‘state of the art lung care to all citizens of our country’.

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