Invitation To Participate In World's Largest Air Pollution Awareness Program

Part 1:
GW Record Attempt

5000+Children form a human lung shape

Part 2:
Telling About Diseases

Change in colour of lungs to show damage to lung by pollution and diseases caused

Part 3:
Commitment By Children

Children take pledge for actions to clean the air


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Sponsorship Categories

  • Title & Record Partner - INR 90L
  • Gold Partner - INR 60L
  • ApparelINR 30L

  • F&B PartnerINR 20L
  • Event Coverage / Mobile PartnerINR 15L
  • Green Solutions PartnerINR 10L

  • Medal & Certificate PartnerINR 10L
  • High Tea PartnerINR 10L
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Benefits For Sponsors

  • Recognition and reverence for corporate patronage to this event aimed at creating ripples at National & International level.
  • Invites for Sponsors' Guests to attend the event.
  • Tax benefit under 80G
  • Visibility through media tie-ups and coverage generated in Indian, and international media (plan include electronic, print, online media).


Presence on LCF website
as a Premium Sponsor for
'I Care for Lungs – World's Largest Lung'



Official Participation Certificate
From Guinness World Records

To be funded and facilitated by Lung Care Foundation


Lung Care Foundation: Media Coverage

Quoted and Cited In Several International And Nationals Media To Raise Awareness





"Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much"

Helen Keller